At Kutztown University I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design, with concentrations in Graphic Design and Advertising. I acquired an Art History Minor because of my passion for the arts. I graduated with the highest honors, and I was able to do so in 4 short years. Prior to my studies at Kutztown, I attended Northampton Community. There I graduated at the top of my class and received a scholarship to continue my education. I am constantly drawing outside the lines, brainstorming whenever the opportunity arises and dedicating my life to creating art. 

When it comes to developing concepts, I think of my brain like a light switch. When a challenge arrives, my switch instantly flips and starts thinking of all the possible design solutions. I am adept at collaborating in a fast-paced environment, multitasking and meeting tight deadlines. My strong belief in hand-crafted work motivates me to experiment with unique media.

During this time my work has been recognized and published by Graphis, Inc. Currently, I am working in the Package Design Industry, developing products and packages. I incorporate various artistic passions into my daily schedule. I practice hand lettering for clients and passion projects regularly; thanks to my formal training in traditional calligraphy. 

I am currently living life to its fullest in Northern Pennsylvania, seeking opportunities as a Designer and Artist. I am consistently excited to see what the design world has to teach and where this crazy future will take us. Namaste!
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